Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Final..

Friday 10th May 2013, marked the last day of mine in MMU with that final paper. No more classes, tutorial, assignments, exams, assessment with the advisor-advisee thingy, abrar, library, bickering and gossiping with my girls in the class before the lecture start..

Serious rasa sekejap je masa berlalu.. 5 years in MMU have taught me a lot. Be it about life, academic, friendships, hardwork, self-conflicts and so on. It's sad to leave MMU but at the same time I can't wait to leave here as well. Bipolar ke apa aku ni?!

tapi itu la, ingat kan dah habis semua so settle la apa-apa pun. tup tup next month kena la ke MMu balik, nak uruskan few other things with the Faculty, Admin, Finance, ERU untuk benda-benda convo nanti.. Surat la, academic transcript la, checklist la.. hurmm banyak nya nak kena settle.

Pastu ni pun ada benda yang sangat la memeningkan kepala and memberikan tekanan sikit dekat hati; untuk pilih firm nak buat chambering nanti. Yerp, I'm one step away to enter into working life..

Tapi itu I fikir in depth in another 2-3 weeks boleh? Nak pergi bercuti, tenangkan fikiran, spend time with my family.. :)

Yerp that are things in my head that I need to clear or at least allocate them all and put them together in a bit futher side of my left brain. I just lost my rabbit. He passed away a month back. My parents didnt asked me to come back home early because I was having exams that time. But... hurmmm.. itu la.. I havent had any pets since I was in elementary school and Bubble is my first ever rabbit and whinning much to my parents that I wanted to have a pet rabbit. I know rabbit's life is not that long but when it come to this... okay.. I have to stop here before I tear up..

my lock screen wallie atm :)

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