Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hi all, I'm back.. woahhh it's been like what? 2 months ++ since my last post? I'm not dead, just that having enjoying this break to pamper and indulging myself with food, meeting people, spending time with my family, kemas bilik haha my parents bought a new bedroom set for me, so.. yes, I have to re-arrange everything and make few changes to how my bedroom look like.
And oh! I'M A GRADUATE STUDENT ALREADY!!! yeayyy.. havent received my stroll yet because my convocation ceremony is on 25th august. But my status as an active student have changed to graduated student ;)
And my mother's birthday is on 19th august, and me graduating from law school is like, one of the birthday presents I'm giving her ;)
So, I;m back to Kuantan, and will undergo my chambering period here in Kuantan too. I've secure a place and will give the firm a call after/on my convocation day to inform them when I'm going to report myself there. Well, it has been confirmed with the master already, just that, I have to call them again later to confirm the thing. No biggie :)
But staying at home without my late pet rabbit... well it's ... I still cannot forget him. I wont. FOREVER! But I hope I wont be that upset and mourning everything I walk passed his usual spot where his cage was at =(
So I told my parents of my thought of having another pet, hamster maybe? But since we're going on a holiday quite frequently now, and not being at home as often, so... I might just hold that interest for a bit longer..
And yes, I missed my girls! my kepochi girls.. friends that I argued a lot during class, teasing them.. oh how I missed those moments.. But we're still keep in touch though.. Be it through texting, calling, instant messaging.. But not seeing them face to face.. well... hurmm.. I hope we can hangout again soon :)
Okay, Selamat Berpuasa to all my Muslim readers and it's a week away from Eid Fitri so.. any words I said that not so nice to hear.. ehehe, any mistakes I've made, I apologise from the bottom of my heart :)

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