Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Meanings Part 2

In the previous entry I included some of the k-pop songs and this time I wanted to share some Japanese songs that has meaningful lyrics to me :)

Arashi - Niji No Kakera
Every time we meet by chance, we have a dream Oh, oh The joy of when we met
Even if we get wet from the rain, we'll search for the starry sky Oh, oh In this world that doesn't end
Wipe your tears and show me your smile Even in sad times, smile
That's right, realize you're not alone, your smile, smile, smile

Kotoko - Amethyst
I sought answers from the amethyst, and flowed my tears
If I had my wish surely, this distorted dream
Will someday change its shape
Like the water from a river at the end of its journey
I blemish my heart with a hundred colours
Covering everything

Toshinobu Kubota - La La La Love Song
Turn, turn, merry-go-round
This melody’s started
And there’s no way it’s stopping now
La la la la la love song
Too much fun to stop, so painful it rendered me pathetic
On a morning like that it was born, my own kind of love song

Ueda Tatsuya - Love In Snow
I wish to send my overwhelming emotions to you
Included in the white snow…
Because the snow that silently falls is the words of someone’s love

Kanjani8 - Oh Enka 
The cherry blossoms bloom, spring is here and live awakens
Every winter will turn to spring; the cherry blossoms sing
The falling cherry blossoms glitter, ephemerally they glitter
This world glitters, too, glitters bittersweetly
No matter how many years I'm away from home
Homesickness blooms in my dreams 

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