Thursday, March 28, 2013

The meanings..

In this entry I wanted to share portions of the lyrics that caught my eyes recently.. Some of the songs are new, some have been released years ago but I'm still loving it. These are koreans and I took the translated lyrics instead okay, so it may not 100% accurately translated okay.

Big Bang -  Friends
In no time that we spent together
And the seldom conflicts
Staying up all night together
Our history is daybreak
Pledging new friendship occasionally
Saying I know too
Childish fool
At harsh criticisms, talking with a friend
The promise that this will be the last
I don’t know yet if it will be kept (don’t know)
Me too, myself I (don’t know)
Because I don’t know, it’s hard

B.A.P - One Shot
The parts of you that are hidden by fog
Burn yourself with passion that’s hotter than the sun
Run and go away, don’t look back
Don’t stop, go away, don’t let yourself go

Teen Top - Missing You
Even if I avoided your eyes I would be caught immediately, so I look down with eyes without truth
I seek her in you, I hate myself but I cannot help it
I still want her, not you, love changes again
But it is not the time yet. You met me and you loved me
Our love has no true heart. There’s head but no heart. Our relationship is an empty cracker

B.A.P - Coma
I can’t move in the darkness
I can’t feel anything
Tears fall down
I’m trapped in memories of you, no
Please hold onto my hand, so that I can wake up
Please don’t go

Infinite - Wings
Baby just can't let you go
Even if I have everything, without you by my side
Everything will collapse
Just can't let you go
Even if I fall from exhaustion, if you become my wings
I can fly high into the sky

* I enjoyed listening to B.A.P songs because it's different from most of the others that just like singing the 'love song' kind of songs. Not that B.A.P didnt ever produce such love songs but most of their title songs are not about that kind of 'love'.

translated lyrics are taken from:

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