Sunday, February 26, 2012

Healthy Hair Care

People always refers the hairs as one's crowing glory. Well it's true tho.. to some extend? hehehe. People do spend effort and money to get a great looking hair. But will the hair you get from the salon be your everyday hair? erghh ape aku merepek ni? 

When you apply to much of chemicals, lotion, conditioners, creams on your hair,  it will only make your hair looks greasy, rough and dry. So you should just moisturise it regularly and trim it every two months. And ohh proper diet will helps improves your hair growth. Ever heard of 'you are what you eat'? Yurp, it applies to its effect on your hair too. So do consume waters and fresh fruits regularly.

And choosing the right shampoo is definitely a must for your hair. Together with its contents okay. See the label carefully or you could just ask the promoter for more info. Yes, it helps you.. sometimes.. hehehe

Expert advice, the salon workers, also helps. See what products they use on your hair. The way they dry your hair, kinds of towels they your (the materials). Then again, one may say, I know my own hair. Oh memang, sebab tu kau bangun pagi, rambut mengerbang macam singa kan? :0

If you care to spend more, try searching for better hair treatment at any salon. But sometimes, traditional hair treatment like applying the "bunga raya" 's extract or using the lime onto your hair are better than having those chemicals on your hair right. Think of the long run :)

I'm now using the Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo, and squeezing lemon juice onto my hair maximum 2 times a week. Yes, I dont use the conditioner for 2 obvious reason, the shampoo already makes my hair looks flufffy and easy to manage and I'm too lazy to put conditioner after washing my hair. Dont really want to keep wetting my hair over and over again. And I air dry whenever possible. 

So will my hair be as fluffy as his furs?
Bubble's drying his fur after bath.

But now since I have to go to work and I woke up at 7am the latest, I wash my hair on the evening instead. But I do wash my hair in the morning. It gives me a 'complete wake up'. hahaha


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