Wednesday, February 29, 2012

got me thinking ..

I have Family, Friends, College, Entertainment, and few others..


My rabbit only have me. 

An sometimes when my parents went out for works, and I'm here in MMU, who did my rabbit playing with? House spiders? Rats? Cockroaches? Walls?

We have to put Bubble in his cage most of the times but what to do.. That's why I tried to play with him , let him out of his cage whenever possible. I'm his owner but since I'm now in MMU, my parents are taking care of him and I guess Bubble been together with my parents longer than him being my pet rabbit..

I just want to talk with my rabbit. Really having a hard time now. But then I always let out my depression to him and he just accept it as it is. I'm sorry Bubble.. I'm such a cry baby am I.. 


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