Monday, February 13, 2012

Pros and Cons of the CAFFEINE

coffee contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & few dietary proteins


* consuming the coffee can reduce one's risk of diseases and ailments

- parksinson
- alzheimer
- diabetes
- gallstones
- asthma attacks
- heart rhythm problems
- strokes
- liver's cirrhosis

for women: 
- less likely to have estrogen receptor-negative cancers
- risk of strokes

for men: 
- less likely to develop prostate cancer
- avoid any diseases

as much it gives positives results, it can also produce negative results


- changes in one's sleeping pattern; insomnia
- auditory hallucinations
- hampers absorption of some minerals
- raise blood pressure
- dehydration, loss of vitamins
- stained teeth
- heartburn

* one of the reasons for my insomnia is the caffeine consumption. I drink coffee almost everyday while in MMU, as part of my breakfast and sometimes during the night for studying. 

* I dont think it's to the extend that I'm hallucinating things but I do have massive headache if I get direct sunlight in the afternoon. 

* And ouhh, it helps with the bowel movement also I think. hehehe I poops rather easily when I drink the coffee each morning. Probably because I also take the cranberry juice every night before sleeps. 

* so do consume the caffeine moderately.

source: Harvard School of Public Health,, National Coffee Association,
The Specialty Association of America, Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association

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