Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's time for BToB

Of all kpop rookies that debuted this year, BToB and Nu'EST had caught my attention. I planned to make a review and thoughts on Nu'EST but somehow end up making an entry for BToB instead. :0

he's the main rapper of the group.. so he basically.. ermm.. do most of the rapping? hahaha. dont really have much to talk about him though. he's rapping style? maybe because this group belong to the same management as B2AST, so his rapping style, for me, is more or less has the same rhythm as Junhyung of B2AST.

He's the main vocalist in the group and I personally think that he suit the ballad and mid tempo kind of songs better than the pop one. Erkk, is it? He's singing in their song' "Imagine" does give me the soothing vibe. He may looks older by the way he looks but he belongs to the '91 line as the same as Nicole of KARA mind you :)

I like him the most in the group. ermm is it just me or that he does resembles Dong Woon of B2AST at times? I mean by looking at his front face? He's the lead rapper in the group but he can sing well too. I'll dig out his solo performance later when got times, see how he's maturing from his trainee days.

while singing, he looks like Gi Kwang from B2AST . the hair, the look, the pose. I havent see him had a solo dance break but I think he's a good dancer. talented, gifted or maybe he work hard for it. I do think that he can control his lower key but he does goes off pitch at a very rare times. well, he's a rookie right, got room for improvement :)

he can rap and can sing but too little to none lines been given to him. Even if he has the lines, that would be singing along with the lead rapper or that as a supporting vocal only. really should give this boy a chance.

hmmm, he looks sad everytime he's singing. maybe he's not able to project a proper face expression while singing or that maybe I'm the one having that dissatisfaction against him. hahaha

he's the youngest in the group. at times I see Sung Jong of Infinite in him. at times in the Insane MV I see him resembles JYJ' Jae Joong. but this profile photo of him reminds me of Seo In Gook, the winner of Superstar K season 1. I do like his voice and would want to hear a solo song from him soon, :)

I personally like Imagine better than Insane. Hurmm, havent listen much to mid tempo songs these days but Imagine does get put on repeat throughout the days though :) Neway, happy listening to their songs. You can stream to listen to their songs through the youtube or other hosting as well.

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