Tuesday, April 17, 2012

14th April 2012

The morning of 14th April 2012, my MMU supervisor supposed to come for the legal attachment visit to the establishment. The appointment supposed to start at 10am sharp as my lawyer have an urgent engagement around 12 in the noon. But the lecturer arrived late and we formally started the "meeting" around 1040am. Erghh! A bad impression already. 

During the meeting, my both the lecturer and the lawyer talk about self discipline, work ethics, and few other things. The meeting can really ended for half and hour but been dragged to 2 hours instead. And my lawyer is in the hurry already. Yeah, its on saturday but at times my lawyer do work 7 days a week. So some considerations here are much needed okay but this person doesnt seems to notice and keep talking all he wants and even taking about those non relevant stuff to this visit. 

Sorry but I already got "panas hati" with this person and with this kind of attitude, it makes me even... tet! Then after the meeting ended the lecturer even wants me to give him a ride home. He said the taxi he came with before, left already. I came with my roomate and I cannot simple say yes to his request, I have to ask my roomate first. The lawyer seems to have notice my not-so-good facial expression, so he then asked his driver to sent the lecturer home instead. homaii!

Then I arrived home and starts doing the laundry, playing some computer games, reading some news online and sleep. hahaha. Later at night, my roomate asked me to go with her to a cultural prom dinner. Erkk! Wait! I dont have an appropriate attire okay. It was a last minute preparation and I keep changing clothes one after another and worse, I forgot to wear my contact lenses, did not bring cash and forgot to wear blushes. result? I look pale through the night! 

The entrance was free though, tickets were given by my roomate's friend so nothing to worry much about not bringing the cash. hahaha. the dinner started a bit later as the vip guests arrived a bit later because of the massive traffic jams. Yeah, it's saturday night. so.. understandable la. 

The food are served by the waiter/ess so no need to hustle things up. But the table we got, the people sitting there.. ermm.. we... erkk.. hehehe. easier said that. It was awkward. hehehe. The event started with the arrival of the vips, then some opening dancing of some Palestinians' students, while eating, the performance keep on going. And seems like I'm the one who ate a lot compared to others at the same table :p i keep on eating the prawns, and stopped only when i noticed my plate already full with the shells. 

Dont really have times taking photos, busy eating the prawns hahaha. But I do recorded some of the performances. The performances includes the magic show, the dancing, singing, rapping and crowning prom king and queen.

Nevertheless, here are some of the photos.

Notice the yellow thingy? Yes, this was taken
while in 
the toilet :p

The menu were written in the card.

my room mate.siti.

see those empty glasses? Yes, I drank them all.
That's why I skipped the last performance of the night,
went to the toilet, and .. ahaha cabut lari! :)

It does amazed me how I can drink so much like this.

Then when I just entered the car, my mum called already. It was 1207am. I told my mum before that the event might end at 12am. And that I would call her when the event ended, Since there's no call from me so she decided to call me instead. Okay, being protective. Ya story of my life. Get used to it already. When my parents allowed me to go to this event pun, I'm already thankful to her. I've never being able to go out this late before. And of course, called my parents, my brother to tell when, where, how, with who I'm going. It's like a normal procedures when I want to go out with my friends :)

Some people said, it's too much because I'm a grown up already. But for me,  hurmm.. at times I do feel them being over protective but it's all for my good isnt it. Not having them cares about me, itu yang rasa lain tu. It's the family bonding kan :) Besides, I'm the only daughter in the family and forever will be a kiddo princess to my parents :) 


p/s : I missed my Mr Bubble. Not able to go back to my hometown yet. Y? Because of this visit la. If not I might be spending my precious weekend with my parents already. But, this month, my mum seems kind of busy with her office works as the state assembly would assemble this coming may, or june? hehe not sure la bila. So.. ermm.. they say, maybe they'll come to Melaka next week. Hurmm.. 

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