Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mooting Competition

Us before the competition begin. 
Kaunsel Perayu Pertama.Kaunsel Perayu Kedua.
We won the case.

Our awesome opponent! Amanda and Nazran
Nazran won the Best Oralist

Just when Amanda were talking about this one judge that is quite strict in assessing the mooters, the bailiff put up this name on the table!

Tapi actually, this judge quite good apa. He helps us with our submission. Though most of the times his sudden attack surprises us. And both teams managed to answer to most of his questions. And one thing he remind us, to imagine the scene and make assumptions!

And of course, never to forgot the court's ethics. 

Minie won the Best Oralist! yeayy :)

Then dapat jumpa Dhar jek bila dah hujung-hujung tu. Minie dah balik dulu. Dia pergi makan-makan dengan adik dia. So summary untuk mooting competition kali ni, don't forget make some research on the matters! Don't be scared to answer the judge and wait until the judge finish his sentence then only answer the question given. And oh, avoid the sigh. Ermm soo.. itu ajek kot..


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