Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yamamoto Yusuke & Oguri Shun

name: Yamamoto Yusuke
single/taken: rumors said he's dating someone.
height: 181cm
profession: actor, model

name: Oguri Shun
single/taken: is dating Yamada Yuu
height: 184cm
profession: actor, model

-both are Male Japanese.
-both are actors
-both starred in Hana Kimi; Dorm 2
-both are Ikemen [good looking]
-both heights are above 180.
-both have HOT bodies :D :D
-both look HOT when wearing spectacles.
-both dyed their hair blonde before..
-and the list goes..

sekali pandang muka diaorang ni agak mirip kan? or i jek yang nampak macam tu? hehe


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