Monday, November 1, 2010


This is what happens when the classes are in the evening and you are too tired for various reasons.

Jangan tiru aksi di atas okay. 


and few days back, i went to a pet shop with my friends and managed to take this picture. hehehe.. i've been yearning to come to this pet shop but no one wants to tale me there. haha. so, me and my girls went for laksa lunch at jonker. nyum nyum nyum..

i want to see the rabbits, but all are sold out already. it's okay, better luck next time. kan kan.. :]

the  shop keeper doesnt allowed people bring it the camera inside their shop. but hey, i'm just using my camera phone, so, no biggie right :D but anyway, as usual, the lighting and the pixels are not that good. 

i just love the way the cat sleeps. 


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