Wednesday, November 17, 2010

after the court visit, we..

Look at her face, then look at her shirt. hahaha resembles much? kan kan :D

it's Raihan and Atikah. her sister.
[is it Atikah or Atiqah?]
[sorry if i misspelled your name kay :0]

Look at Yana's hungry face! hehe. Dhar and Minie were laughing at something. I forgot about what. Maybe Raihan said something that time hehe..

Both were ordered by Yana. She's quite an eater doesn't she? Nah, I'm a bigger eater than her. hahaha Just that, I ate already before went to the court early that afternoon. Still in a full mode. :D

because I'm not in any of those pictures, I don't intend to put any picture of them with nice poses. muwahahahaha. evil laugh! it's my blog anyway. hihihihi

Raihan's pictures are featured more in this entry because we planned to bake a birthday cake for her birthday actually. but didn't have opportunity to do that. too busy with college and stuff. and yana wanted to eat at secret reciple. so, we just buy the cake[eventhough it is just a slice only] for her there.

i'll bake a cake for you later okay. i can't promise when but i will. hehehe. and you have to eat the whole cake for yourself no matter how it taste! hahaha


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