Saturday, July 3, 2010

blogspot new feature

 i just noticed that blogspot has a new feature called STATS.

just like any other stats that counts our page visits la.. just that it's easier to access because all you need to do is to open your dashboard and click on the Stats link. no need to install any widget or open a new account. it's all FREE !! hehe
you may choose to view your pageviews by countries, by browsers, by operating systems, which post have most views and etc.. 

jeng jeng.. okay, just want to show a sample from my own stats. hehe..



  1. i just found out about it yesterday too :D such a cool feature. i keep checking it now, haha

  2. cool.. but too bad my blog is not on blogger anymore =/

  3. k0k s3n w4i: yeah, i'm doing the same too.. haha. nice right :D

  4. kenwooi: wahh too bad then. but i'm sure your one is better than blogger one. cause it's still new. but still, i'm loving it.. hehe