Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's KyuHyun time

Hurrmm, tak dek apa nak cakap sangat pun. Time tengah belek-belek folder picture kat lappy ni, nampak la gambar dia ni dalam folder ni. He's on of the Super Junior's members by the way. For those who's having a hard time to recognise each one of the SuJu's members. There 13+2 of them now. 2 of them are serving in the army while another one is already considered as taking a long break from SuJu's activities.. Aishh...

taken from? entah. tak ingat. gambar dah lama.

Sepanjang I stalk dia ni... hurmmm banyak kali jugak la dia absence from SuJu's television's activities. Selalu sangat sakit nya but I have to admit his voice come's second after Taeyang if I were to compare my list of r&b pop singers based on their vocals that mellows me hahahahaha noob. TET!! :0

Okay itu ajek. Entry yang sangat la tak dek motive.


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