Thursday, May 26, 2011

Insomnia making me nuts!

1.Common Causes of Insomnia: 

- medications,

- psychological conditions (for example, depression, anxiety), 
[anxiety maybe? because of the exams?]

- environmental changes (for example, travel, jet lag, or altitude changes), 
[people's attitude? hehe]

- stressful events.  
[yes, those around me!]
- faulty sleeping habits such as excessive daytime naps
[maybe. sometimes]

- caffeine consumption.

2.Types of Insomnia:

-Transient insomnia: situational changes such as travel, extreme climate changes, and stressful events. It lasts for less than a week or until the stressful event is resolved. 

-Short-term insomnia: ongoing stressful events, medication side effects, medical conditions, and lasts for one to three weeks
[I'm this type. My insomnia happens during my exam weeks  + when i'm too stressful because of certain matters]

-Chronic insomnia (long-term insomnia): depression or substance abuse and continues for more than three weeks.

3.Routines to Help You Sleep Tight:

• Do not eat late. Your last meal should be no later than 7 p.m. 
[tak boleh, i get hungry very soon]

• Drink valerian or passionflower tea before bedtime every night for one month.
[where to find it?]

• Take a relaxing evening stroll an hour before bed.

[not working. making me more sleepless]

• Soak your feet in hot, Epsom salt bath for 15 minutes before bedtime.
[tried it. not working. on the fifth try, i dozed off a bit. but that's it]

• Keep a journal at night. Emptying your thoughts onto paper helps you unburden your mind for a more peaceful sleep.
[too lazy. hehe]
          • Induce relaxation with a 15-minute meditation. Here's how: Sit comfortably at the edge of a firm seat with your back erect and your head tilted slightly downward. Place your arms gently over your lap and breathe slowly, deliberately, and gently. Keep your eyes slightly closed.

          [tried it. nothing change.]

          • Do not exercise for at least two hours before bed. Interestingly, people with regular exercise routines have fewer episodes of insomnia. Exercising moderately for 30 minutes daily, combined with meditation in the evening, will not only help you fall and stay asleep, but will also increase the amount of time you spend in R.E.M. sleep. For some people, exercise alone is enough to overcome insomnia.

          [skipping, pilates for 30 minutes everyday. still not working]

          • You might also try Calm-Fort/Sleep formula with useful herbs like lily bulbs, polygala and turmeric that help manage stress and calm the spirit while relieve restlessness and alleviate insomnia. 

          [polygala? macam mana pokok beracun jek]

          - should i see the doctor soon? i took the sleeping pills for 6 days already. that's the only thing that work for me now.. waaaaa ='(

          - exam is over, still the insomnia doesnt go away. i'm wide awake when every one is taking their beauty sleep, having good dreams.. 

          - i avoid the day napping, avoid caffeine, nescafe, and tried the aromatherapy, being in quiet, calming, soothing room, doesnt really help me though.

          what should i do/try now?

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