Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wild & Sexy couple

Matsukawa Tsubasa Umeda Naoki

The Wife:
Name: Masuwaka Tsubasa
Nickname: Masu-chan, Tsu-chan
Birthday: 18th October 1985
Profession: Model + Designer
Blood Type: B

The Husband:
Name: Umeda Naoki 
Nickname: Umeshan
Birthday: 31 October 1982
Profession: Model + Designer
Blood Type: AB

His Arts
Jeans EDWIN XVS401. Umeda Naoki XVS421

Her Arts
Dolly Wink. Candy Doll

Their Arts
EDWIN x Umetsuba

in an old newspaper entry before, Umeshan told the press that they're going to show their peers that committment and parenthood can also be “wild and sexy”. hehe.. nice right!

Extra: Tsubasa & Eri Aoki. Both are Popteen models. Love them! :D

Credit pictures: Soompi, Ameblo, Rakuten, Google

ijou desu.


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