Monday, November 15, 2010

mooting competition

A preliminary round of a mooting competitionhas just ended. Pheeww! overall, the mooters did awesome! well, some of them yes. They're too nervous I must say. It may happen to me too.. but I hope I can handle it well.
Some of them forgot about the court etiquettes for a moment. But the judges are quite nice.. i guess.. the judges are the experienced lawyers and the college's lecturers itself. Some judges are want the students to emphasis more on the memorials' format and some are just too relax, enjoying the mooters' submissions.

I'm taking Mooting II subject for this semester. And the lecturer asked [more like a threat actually] the students to attend all four slots of the mooting competition or he will forbid us from submitting to him the oral presentation of our memorial. But thanks to him also as I'm able to experienced how the mooting competition really is. It's S.C.A.R.Y !!

we came quite early that night.
the competition supposed to start at 830pm.
but the moot judge arrived quite late.
so we took some pictures :D

si ayu.. hehe

Raihan tried to "kembang-ing" her nose
but i don't see much different though. hehe

and Yana.. as usual.. twitting, facebooking, blogging..

okay, that's all. pictures are only taken on the first day of the mooting competition though.


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