Monday, May 17, 2010

yeayy , it's out!

YES! Lagu Tell Me Goodbye is out! :D :D :D :D

Dah lama tunggu.. at last.. hehe.. yer la, asek dengar dia nyer teaser jek.. best jugak.. and the MV I downloaded is super HDD.. yeayy me.. ureshi. Heeee~ and here are some of the screenshots ..
 GD.. in the rain.. wahh.. could i ask for more? haha, maybe..

it's the BIG BANG !!

TOP is reading my school report? haha

 yeayy.. scream it out loud Dae.. 

 maknae is a police? a hot one of course! hehe

taeyang playing with the sand? hurmm.. hee~


  1. ken: tenkiu tenkiu :D smart kan.. heh

  2. hi, first time comment here.
    I like that song too :)
    are u VIP?

    and btw, your last pic is daesung.

  3. kei: yurp.. loving that song now.. hehe
    i'm a iVIP actually. yeayyy.. are you too?
    and thanks for correcting.. i noticed that after watching the mv again.. hehe

  4. yup, I'm VIP too :)
    bigbang is awesome boysband, for me they're different than other boysband.

    who's ur fave one?

  5. kei: yurp yurp.. agreed.. hehe..
    my fave? GD!! hehe


  6. me too, GD is my baby boy..LOL..

  7. kei: wahh really? hehe.. good good :D
    u know what, i'm waiting for GD's shine a light concert to be released in Malaysia. heeee~ can't wait to have it as my collections.. hehe..